How to order a foam with pre-shape in our online store

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In our online store you can order your pre-shaped blank, a foam passed by a four-axis numerical control machine that will give the blank the almost definitive shape of the future surfboard. The machine shapes even the rails!

In order to respect the manufacturing period of 8 days, to avoid that your order will be delayed because we have to call you or send you an email, please read this article carrefully.

1. Choose the appropriate foam for the pre-shape that you are going to order

Within the category “SHAPE” and subcategory “Foam”, you can choose between shortboard foam, fish (wider), funboard, mini-malibu and longboard. It is this block of polyurethane foam that we are going to machine to obtain a form very close to what your future surfboard will be. That is why the pre shape you order should enter inside of the foam you pick up, which should be at least:

– 6 ” longer than the length of the pre shape

– 1 ” wider than the pre-shape width

– 1/2 ” thicker than the thickness of the pre shape

This is the general rule, but also consider the pre-shape outline you order. If the nose of the board is very wide or rounded, we will not be able to do it with a shortboard foam, you will have to ask for a fish foam, or a funboard or mini malibu according to the length you need.

If the pre shape that you order does not fit into the foam you have chosen, we will contact you, asking for an extra for the foam that we are really going to use. With calls or mail exchange, we can lose there a few days, please consider those tips to choose the right foam.

2. Choose the number of the pre-shape model you want.

We have a catalog of 16 pre-shape models, which cover the most demanded surfboards, from shortboard to hybrid through fish.

Here are the 16 models, with their standard measures and their characteristics that we offer:

3. Define the measures you want

You can choose one of the standard measures, or customize the measurements. The only thing we ask is that the measures you ask are between the smallest and the largest of our standard measures.

4. Configure the product with this information.

In the “pre-shape” option, choose “With”, and if the foam is available in several sizes, indicate in the drop-down menu the size you need. Remember that the foam must be at least 6’’  longer than the length of your pre-shape.

In the «Customize your product» tab, you have two fields at your disposal. One to write the number of the model you want, and the other to indicate the measurements you want.

Do not forget to “save” and “add to cart”. Once done, you can see in your cart the product «foam» with the personalization that you have indicated before. And if everything is correct, you can process your order. If any data is wrong, or the pre shape does not enter the foam you ordered, do not worry, we will contact you.

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Rating: 3.0. From 3 votes.
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