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Our shaping kits include all the material to build your own surfboard. Foam, resin, fiberglass, fins plugs and leash plug, waxed styrene, but we have a multitude of options so you can customize it on many different way.

In this article we will explain all the possibilities that you have, and how to proceed to place your order.

1. Choose the type of foam

Within the SHAPE category and the sub category “Shaping kit”, you will see that you can choose between the Shortboard, fish, evolutionary, mini-malibu and Longboard kit. Choose the kit that best suits the type of surfboard you want to build:

Shortboard blanks: for shortboards, hi performance surfboards

Fish blanks: for fish or hybrid surfboards, wide and thick boards, since this foam is very wide from the tail to the tip.

Funboard blanks: for funboards, fish or hybrid surfboards that do not fit inside the fish blank

Mini-malibu blanks: for mini-malibu or mini-long surfboards

Longboard blanks: for longboard

2. Choose the length of your foam

Excepting the mini-malibu blank, all the blanks exist with different lengths.

3. Choose the pre shape option

If you are going to order the blank with pre shape, please consider the recommendations that we give you in the article on how to order a pre shape online, where we explain in detail this step.

It is very important that you follow our recommendations, in order that the blank that you order is big enough so that we can make your pre shape.

4. Choose the type of resin

You can choose between two types of resin:

Hegardt H61-UV resin. It is a resin that hardens by the action of the sun (UV light). It include a solar catalyst, so you do not have to add any other type of catalyst, although you can do it if you want to work at night or for the fins plugs. This resin has the great advantage of letting you the time you want to laminate your surfboard, since as long as you do not expose it to the sun or to a UV lamp, the resin does not harden. You have to work in a place totally isolated from the sun’s rays, and expose your surfboard to the sun to catalyze the resin. We recommend this resin to non-professional shapers, as it´s super easy ease to use.

– The Silmar resin. It is the reference resin in the surf industry, it is a resin made in the USA, used by the most prestigious workshops. Unlike the Hegardt H61-UV resin, this resin needs a PMEK catalyst to harden it. This catalyst is used between 1% and 3%, depending on the temperature. The Silmar resin gives very good results, it sands very easily, but it is more difficult to use. It requires a lot of practice and you have less than 15 minutes to laminate your surfboard.

For non-professionals, a very good option is to laminate the surfboard with Hegardt H61-UV resin, and glass it with Silmar resin.

5. Choose the type of fiberglass

You can choose between three brands and three levels of quality or thickness.

The standard lamination consists of two layers of 4Oz E-Glass fiberglass on the deck and a 4Oz layer on the bottom. You can choose between three brands:

Aerialite: the best seller in the USA

Hexcel: the best seller in Europe

Shapers: the best seller in Australia

Those three brands have designed a fiberglass especially for manufacturing surfboards. All three give very good results, and the difference between those three brands is minimal.

You can also choose the Pro lamination, which consists of 4 meters of E-Glass fiber and 2 meters of S-Glass. The fiberglass S-Glass carries silicium, is harder, more robust. This is how high-end brands usually work.

If you’re even more demanding, you can opt for VIP lamination, which only includes S-Glass fiberglass. It is usually used to make pro boards, where shapers reduce the amount of glass fiber but increase its quality using S-Glass fiber.

For the funboard, mini-malibu and longboard kit, you will also see that we propose a reinforced lamination. It includes fiberglass of 4Oz, to make two layers, and fiber of 6Oz, (thicker), for a layer. It is usually used in mini-malibu and longboard, it increases the weight a little, but in this type of boards it is not a problem. The inertia of the table increases, which is interesting in this type of surfboards.

6. Choose the type of fin plugs

You can choose between the following fins plugs:

Eurofin plugs: round plugs, very similar to the FCS Original plugs, economical and very easy to mount. They are available in black, grey, red, bone and blue. By default we put the blacks, but if you want them in color, you can specify it in the “Customize your product” tab.

FCS X2 plugs: the original round plugs from FCS. They are very easy to mount, and come in grey with the FCS logo in white.

Futures Fins plugs: the one-piece Futures Fins plugs, which are mounted below the fiberglass, available in white or black. In the « customize your product » tab, you can specify the color you prefer.

FCS Fusion plugs: the one-piece plug system that is mounted below the fiberglass, from FCS. You have to specify in the “customize your product » tab the angle you want, since the side plugs exist in 3, 6 or 9 degrees.

FCSII plugs: the new FCS system that allows to mount the fins without tools. The plugs are also mounted below the fiberglass, and you also have to specify in the “customize your product” tab the angle you want (3, 6 or 9 degrees).

If you start building surfboards, we recommend the Eurofin or FCS X2 plugs for ease of installation, and we explain in detail how to install FCS fins plug on a surfboard.

The Futures, Fusion and FCSII plugs are more complex to mount, and need more tools.

7. Save the customization of the shaping kit and add it to your cart

Once you have filled in all the fields of the customization tab, please “save”. Once done, you can add the shaping kit to your cart. Check from your cart that all the options you have chosen correspond to what you want, and that what you have specified as personalization appears.

If everything is fine, you can process your order. The kits without pre-shape are sent immediately, they are delivered within 24/48 hours like the rest of the store’s products, but the kits with pre-shape have a manufacturing time of 8 days.

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Rating: 3.5. From 4 votes.
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