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SOUL The Bolt

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Manufacturing time: 4-6 weeks



The surfboard Soul The Bolt is a mid length performance board. The extra width at the nose helps paddling and catching waves.

A simple concave that connects with a double and deep concave, located in the middle section to help the surfer gain speed easily. The tail is pulled in to help the board turn easily. It normally comes in single fin plus two, although it can also be single plus quad.

It is certainly not a board to learn to surf, you will need at least an average level of surfing and a range of waves from the waist high and up.

Painting options:

Glassing Monkey designs available (consult them here). You can also custom the painting in the tab "Product Customization", just write the reference of the painting and the color you want, and save.

Custom size:

You can choose the width, length and thickness of your board. Click on ´custom´in the drop-down menu and indicate the size you want in the tab "Product Customization".

Data sheet

AvailabilityTerm of construction: 4-6 weeks
TypeMini-Malibu, Evolutionary
Volume rangeBetween 50 and 60 liters, More than 60 liters, Between 45 and 50 litres
FinsNot included
Fin Set-up2 + 1
Plug typeFCSII, Futures, US Box

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