Last update: August 5, 2020

We continue operating through our online store All orders placed before 2pm (products in stock) are still shipped the same day, for a delivery in 2-3 business days. The changes in our service are the following:

1. Deliveries:

- Our carriers will proceed to a "contactless" delivery to ensure everyone's health.

- Deliveries at pick-up shop are suspended.

- For certain postal codes, deliveries may be delayed. The postal code list fluctuates every day, it concerns the most affected populations which suffers restrictions.

- SCHENKER will proceed with a single delivery attempt, if it cannot be delivered, the parcel will be returned. If you are going to order a surfboard or a foam, you must be particularly attentive on the day of delivery.

2. Returns:

Until the alarm status is lifted, the return period will not start counting. That is, we give 100 days of return (30 days for products on sale) without counting the days of alarm status.

3. Collection and purchase in physical store:

The physical store is open, respecting our "safe store" protocol, which we detail below:

1. Prevention measures reminder

Use the hydroalcolic gel to disinfect your hands
Wear the mask
Maintain the safe distance of 2 meters

2. Purchase information

Enter one by one, wait outside the store if we already serve someone
Make the purchase with agility and speed, staying in the store only as long as necessary
The tester is temporarily disabled

4. Delay in announced manufacturing lead times for custom made surfboards

Throughout 2021, we anticipate delays in the manufacturing deadlines for surfboards, for two reasons:

1. Increase in demand. The demand for surfboards has never been higher, putting factories to the limit of their capacities. The manufacturing process of a surfboard is essentially manual, and requires a highly specialized workforce. This is why factories cannot increase their production capacities as quickly as we would like.

2. Lack of raw material. The foams used to make surfboards are imported, as there is no quality manufacturer in Europe. Fin plugs are also imported from Asia. The pandemic is causing congestion in shipping. There is not enough container in Asia, there are not enough shipping lines, and shipping companies are in no rush to fix this imbalance, to keep shipping prices very high (3 times higher than before the pandemic).

At mundo-surf, we do everything possible to offer you the best possible shopping experience, and meeting the announced deadlines is a priority. But we believe that it is important to be totally transparent about the current situation. We believe that this situation will last at least throughout the year 2021.

Go everybody, we will all overcome it!

The team at