Fins FCS V2 Quad
Fins FCS V2 Quad Fins FCS V2 Quad Quillas FCS V2 Quad Quillas FCS V2 Quad

Fins FCS V2 Quad

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Out of stock

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The FCS V2 Quad fins are similar to the FCS K2.1 Quad designed by Kelly Slater. They are adaptable and ideal for shortboards and hybrid boards.

They are suitable for beach breaks and to surf in the reef. They provide response and speed to your board.


Performance Core: These fins are built with the Performance Core technology which makes more powerful and lighter fins than fiberglass ones. The RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process reduces weight while keeping a good flex.

Data sheet

Number of fins included 4
System Compatible FCS
Materials Panel bee
Rear fins base 104mm
Rear fins area 8158mm2
Rear fins sweep 32,4°
Rear fins foil 80/20
Alen screw driver With
Front fins base 110mm
Front fins depth 115mm
Front fins area 9824mm2
Rear Fin Sweep 32°
Front fins foil Plane
Rear fins depth 108mm
Cover Without

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