PENN FLP Surfboard
PENN FLP Surfboard PENN FLP Surfboard

PENN Hell Cat Surfboard

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Manufacturing time: 4-6 weeks



The PENN Hell cat come with the same formula in design than the x-wing series. The HELL CAT retains that full elliptical nose outline yet narrowed down significantly to lean more towards a performance small wave board and slightly more rocker through out to enhance performance based turns.

Pulled in tail shape to match a similar outline to your small wave short board, so under your feet it responds quicker.

Semi flat deck with a drop style rail hides the volume while still letting the rail bite though turns Ride 2′′ to 3′′ shorter and 1/8′′ thicker than your regular board

Painting options:

Glassing Monkey designs available (consult them here). You can also custom the painting in the tab "Product Customization".

Custom size:

You can choose the width, length and thickness of your board. Click on ´custom´in the drop-down menu and indicate the size you want in the tab "Product Customization".

Data sheet

AvailabilityTerm of construction: 4-6 weeks
Volume rangeBetween 28 and 32 litres, Between 32 and 36 litres, Between 36 and 40 liters, Less than 28 litres
FinsNot included
Fin Set-upThruster, Tri-quad
Plug typeFCSII, Futures

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