Tri-Quad fins FCS Simon Anderson

Tri-Quad fins FCS Simon Anderson

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These Tri-quad fins designed by  Simon Anderson and FCS provide speed after bottom turns.

They are ideal to surf « down the line » in point break type waves.

They are suitable for shortboards and hybrids.

Medium size available for surfers from 65 to 80 kg.


Performance Core: These fins are built with the Performance Core technology which makes more powerful and lighter fins than fiberglass ones. The RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process reduces weight while keeping a good flex.

Data sheet

Number of fins included5
SystemCompatible FCSII
MaterialsPanel bee
Rear fins base101mm
Rear fins area8076mm2
Rear fins sweep35,5°
Rear fins foil50/50
Alen screw driverWith
Front fins base108mm
Front fins depth113mm
Front fins area9067mm2
Rear Fin Sweep35,5°
Front fins foilConcave
Rear fins depth105mm