Wetsuit Quiksilver Syncro Plus 4/3mm CZ

Wetsuit Quiksilver Syncro Plus 4/3mm CZ

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The Syncro Plus 4 / 3mm CZ quiksilver wetsuit is lightweight and flexible thanks to the 100% StretchFlight x2 neoprene made of limestone derivatives. It is also super warm thanks to the Thermal Smoothie on the chest and back panels, which retain heat and block the wind.

The WarmFlight® x1 Far-Infrared thermal inner fabric in the chest and back panels transforms body heat into infrared energy to generate and maintain heat.

Seams are sealed with Liquid Flex Seal (LFS) for added comfort and tightness. GBS seams (glued and with invisible stitches) guarantee maximum flexibility with minimal water entry.

Ecto-Flex knee pads are durable, lightweight and flexible, to protect you and your board.

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ArmLong sleeves
LegsLong legs