Softboard Softlite Mullet Single Fin
Softboard Softlite Mullet Single Fin Softboard Softlite Mullet Single Fin Softboard Softlite Mullet Single Fin Softboard Softlite Mullet Single Fin Softboard Softlite Mullet Single Fin

Softboard Softlite Mullet Single Fin

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The Mullet 6'0 single fin is back and more bad ass than ever. Most retro single fins you find laying around underneath the house or in dad's garage are more often than not, big, brown and heavily water logged. This is due to one: their age, two: the half assed home repair job, and three: single fins live on forever!

We've come along way in design since then and this is a product of the how far we've come. The 6'0 is shorter, rails more refined and is trimmed closer to the specs of your regular surf board. 

Riding a single fin is like therapy. It's like a remedial massage for your style and the way you read the wave. Surfing the typical high performance board can teach us bad habits that we don't even realise are happening. It's not until you take a step back can you really take two steps forward. 

It relax's your mind set and simplify's the thought process and you ask yourself 'what's the most I can get out of this board?'

You have to get low, and squeeze as much drive out of your turns as possible, you use the curve of the wave face with the rail, or the fin, (or all three!) to generate your speed and flow. Without even realising it you're perfecting (or re-perfecting) the core of where the best surfing comes from.

Whether or not your a soul surfer that loves the simple things in life or whether your looking to fine tune your surfing, a single fin is essential to any surfer's quiver. Do yourself a favour.

Moulded Core Construction:

This ensures that every board comes out identical with no imperfections. It also creates a harder shell of EPS foam on the outside making Softlite boards stiffer and more durable than competitors who use similar cores. The Bones and Shanks Fin System makes easy to install and remove fins. Compatible with other fin two tab systems, allowing you to change your fins to suit conditions or alter board performance. Also allows for no screws on deck, which not only looks good, but you don’t need to worry about kicking your toes on screws!

The Bamboo Stringer System is re-enforced with fibreglass sheeting and epoxy resin to give the perfect amount of flex. This strengthens and waterproofs the stringer. Since the introduction of this technology, we have had very few boards snap.

Data sheet

AvailabilityIn stock
CoreMoulded Fusion X (EPS)
Deck10lb PE
SlickXtra Duralinx
Weight2 7/8''
Width20 1/4''
Volume rangeBetween 32 and 36 litres
ConstructionSoft Board
Fin Set-upSingle
Plug typeUS Box


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