Surfboard Gold Dust Punk Rocker
Surfboard Gold Dust Punk Rocker Surfboard Gold Dust Punk Rocker

Surfboard Gold Dust Punk Rocker

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Manufacturing time: 6-8 weeks

415,00€ tax incl.


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The Gold Dust Punk Rocker surfboard is a hi-performance shortboard designed for intermediate to advanced surfers looking for a surfboard for good and powerful waves.

It is a surfboard that will help you to generate an explosive surfing, with closed turns, maneuvers and speed. The key is in a pronounced rocker, a relatively flat deck that increases the flex of the board and increases the volume of the rails, and a simple concave at the bottom.


Polyester construction with the best materials: Bennett foam, first quality Silmar polyester resin and JP l fiberglass with a layer of S-Glass. The Gold Dust surfboards are handmade in Spain. They benefit from excellent manufacturing quality and finishes.

Painting and Tinted resin option:

The tinted resin will make your surfboard unique. The color is embedded inside the table, with an effect of depth and relief. You can see the possible designs here, choose the reference you want and write it in the "customize your product" tab.

The paint is applied with a spray gun on the foam or on the finished board, it is a cheaper and easier option to customize your surfboard, but it is also very nice. You can attach an explanatory image of the design you want in the "customize your product" tab.

Customized measures:

It is possible to customize this surfboard with the length, width and thickness you want. For this, choose the "Custom" option in the size drop-down menu, and indicate the desired measures in the "Customize your product" tab

Data sheet

AvailabilityProduction time: 6-8 weeks
Volume rangeBetween 28 and 32 litres, Between 32 and 36 litres, Less than 28 litres
FinsIn option
Fin Set-upThruster
Plug typeFCS Fusion, Futures, FCSII

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