SOUL Blob Surfboard EPS Carbon Epoxy
SOUL Blob Surfboard EPS Carbon Epoxy Surfboard SOUL Blob

SOUL Blob Surfboard EPS Carbon Epoxy

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Manufacturing time: 8-12 weeks

545,00€ tax incl.


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The Blob surfboard now available in Epoxy construction, perfect for intermediate to experienced surfers.

The design is based on an upside down drop with volume on the front. It makes paddling easier and provide more speed. The round tail provides handling and control. It allows sharp turns which is ideal in hollow waves.

It can be set up in tri and quad fin to provide speed.

Custom size:

You can choose the width, length and thickness of your board. Click on ´Custom´in the drop-down menu and indicate the size you want in the tab "Product Customization".

EPS - Carbon - Epoxy construction:

Stronger, Lighter, Faster. The EPS polystyrene core is incredibly light, and offer better buoyancy. The wooden stringer has been replaced by carbon stripes, and the epoxy resin offer better mechanical properties. The result is a surfboard which take off earlier on the offer, with a super light feeling under your feet, offering better overall performance in small to medium surf.

Data sheet

AvailabilityTerm of manufacturing: 8-12 weeks
Volume rangeLess than 28 litres, Between 40 and 45 litres, Between 36 and 40 liters, Between 32 and 36 litres, Between 28 and 32 litres
FinsIn option
Fin Set-upThruster, Tri-quad
Plug typeFCS Fusion, FCSII, Futures
TailRound pin

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