How to plug a bodyboard leash

Plugging a bodyboard leash is a scarry operation for many bodyboarders, despite being a fast, simple, and safe operation, as long as you respect some basic rules: – Choose the right place for your leash Although there is no standard distance, 15-20 cm from nose is a good spot. If…

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How to laminate a surfboard

The laminations of a surfboard consist in applying a layer of fiberglass cloth on the foam, and by impregnating the fiberglass with resin. This operation will give strength and rigidity to your surfboard. Use nitrile gloves to protect your hands. The first step is to place on the foam the…

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Printing your own surfboard´s logo

The design of your surfboard goes through some custom logos. To create your own brand of surfboards, logos are essential. You can print logos simply and economically with a simple inkjet printer. To do this, you need “Chinese paper”. It is a very thin paper, which is often used for…

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