Shaping kit model 13
Shaping kit model 13 Shaping kit model 13 Shaping kit model 13 Shaping kit model 13

Shaping kit model 13

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Manufacturing time: 6-8 days

240,50€ tax incl.


This surfboard manufacturing kit includes all the materials you need to build our surfboard model 13:

Bennett-Dion blank pre-shaped with model 13 from 6'4'' to 6'10'', a funboard, not only for beginners but also for experienced surfers looking for un fun surfboard in small waves. A well balanced shape,  easy to surf and easy to paddle.

6 metres of 4Oz Hexcel fiberglass or Aerialite (standard stratification) or 4metres of 4oz + 2metres of 6Oz (reinforced stratification), or 4metres of 4Oz + 2metres of 4Oz S-Glass (Pro stratification), or 6metres of Aerialite 4Oz S-Glass (VIP stratification). All fiberglass are 68.5cm in width.

- 5kg of solar polyester resin Hegardt H72-UV or 5kg of Hegardt H72 resin with MEKP catalyst

125ml of styrene wax

- 420Ml of glass microspheres

- Tri-Fins system: EurofinsFCS X2FCSIIFCS Fusion or Futures Fins.

- 1 colored Eurofin leash plug

In the "Customize your product" tab you can specify:

- The color of Eurofin plugs. If you do not tell us anything, we put them in black, but you can choose between Blue, Red, Gray or Bone, both for the leash plug and for the fins plugs.

- The angle of the plugs, if you choose FCS Fusion or FCSII. By default we put those of 5 degrees, but you can request those of 3 or 9 degrees.

- If you want a custom pre-shape, you can indicate the length, width and thickness you want.

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Volume rangeBetween 40 and 45 litres, Between 45 and 50 litres

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