Guide to the best skateparks in Madrid

Madrid has positioned itself in recent years as a European reference city for skaters. The capital of Spain has a large number of skateparks, and some of them are of very high quality. For this reason, at Mundo Surf, we have analyzed what we believe are the best skateparks in Madrid, their features, and locations, so that if you’re in the capital, you know where to go. Are you ready?


The best skate parks in Madrid

No matter your skate style, if you’re in Madrid, you’ll find all the skateparks to choose the one that suits you best. Which one will you choose? Keep reading if you want to enjoy skateboarding!


Madrid Rio Skatepark

This skatepark is located just a few meters away from Legazpi station, and there’s no pro skater who hasn’t performed tricks in it. It is located within Parque Arganzuela and we recommend it for those who are starting out. Open and closed bowls, inclined planes, downhill rails, dunes… A true paradise!

Mejores skateparks de madrid


Skatepark Getafe

Located on the outskirts of Getafe, it was inaugurated in 2014. It is a perfect skatepark for both beginners and advanced skaters. It features a bowl with coping, inclines, hubbas, and various modules. If you’re into surfskate and just starting out, this is the place for you, as it has bowls that are not too big or steep.

Skatepark Alcobendas (Nepal)

It is located at the municipal sports center of Valdelafuentes in Alcobendas. It was recently renovated. Its two connected deep bowls, along with a third one, are well-known among Madrid skaters and will allow you to have a great time with surfskate. It is commonly referred to as “Nepal” by the locals.


Torrelodones Skatepark

The hallmark of Torrelodones Skatepark is its famous spot, one of the most iconic and popular in Madrid. You’ll think you’re in skater heaven. From hubbas to rails, passing through stair segments and ramps. It even has a pumptrack.

Do you like surfskate? Don’t hesitate. This is the place for you.


Skatepark Torrejon

This skatepark is considered by the pros to be one of the highest quality ones due to its large number of obstacles and spacious layout. Its medium-sized bowl is its trademark feature, and it includes a wide range of curbs, a stair set, and hubbas. It is a hub of Madrid’s urban culture, where the city’s best skateboards come together.


Skatepark Tetuán

Do you want to have a skateboarding experience you’ll never forget? Located within Rodríguez Sahagún Park, this magnificent skatepark is a true classic as it was one of the first in Spain. For this reason, it has been a favorite among skaters for years. If you enjoy street skateboarding, this park is perfect for you. Like to grind? It doesn’t have ramps or a bowl, but it features quarters and stairs with handrails and curbs.

It caters to all skill levels, whether you’re a pro or just starting out.


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