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Fiberglass is a fabric composed of a multitude of small interwoven threads, which, when impregnated with resin, become completely transparent and provide strength and rigidity to the surfboard. Our fiberglass fabrics are available in different thicknesses: 4 ounces and 6 ounces, and in two widths, 27 inches and 30 inches, depending on the type of surfboard you want to manufacture. We have chosen the top brands in the surf industry: Hexcel, which is a leading brand in Europe; Aerialite, the number one brand in the United States, and Shapers, the reference brand in Australia

Frequently Asked Questions about Fiberglass

What is fiberglass and what is it used for?

Fiberglass is a material composed of small fibers and is commonly used in the manufacturing of industrial or recreational products such as surfboards. With the use of resin, it can be shaped to provide strength and rigidity.

How much does fiberglass cost?

The price of fiberglass fabric will vary depending on the thickness, size, and quantity being purchased. At Mundo-Surf, we offer rolls of over 100 meters in various widths starting from around €350, or it can be purchased by the linear meter for approximately €4. It ultimately depends on your specific needs. In summary, the price can range from around €4.5 to €6 per linear meter.

How do I repair a fiberglass surfboard?

To repair a fiberglass surfboard, begin by sanding the damaged area to facilitate better adhesion of the repair products. Apply resin to the area and place the fiberglass fabric soaked in resin over it. Allow sufficient drying time, then sand again to eliminate any imperfections. Apply another layer of resin and sand for a smooth finish. In our blog, we provide detailed explanations and videos that demonstrate the repair process for different scenarios.