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Frequently asked questions about girls' swimsuits

How to know my women's swimsuit size?

To find out what size of swimsuit you need, you have to refer to the brand's size guide, which you will find in each product sheet of any swimsuit. Each brand has a different size, and you will see in this guide how to choose your size based on the width of your hip and size. If you still have doubts, from Mundo-Surf we can guide you and advise you on what size to buy so that your swimsuit fits your body perfectly.

What is the women's swimsuit that best suits you?

For surfing, the best swimsuits are those with a light and flexible fabric. They are true surf swimsuits, designed to surf comfortably for long hours. They make it easy to move, they don't weigh you down, and they dry quickly, so you can enjoy yourself both in and out of the water. We recommend you combine them with other surfer-style clothes and clothing in order to enjoy the experience of practicing this sport, either while surfing or while spending long periods of time on the beach.