4 € - 12 €

Lace swimfin leash

The lace fin leashes are very light and discreet. They look like shoelaces, but they are wider and more elastic so as not to damage the fins. The easiest solution to avoid losing your bodyboard swimfins.

Frequently Asked Questions about String Bodyboard Fins

What is a cord fin clip?

It is another model of fin holder, which consists of a simple cord that is wider, more robust, and more elastic than a shoelace. It ties to the webbing of the bodyboard fin and to your ankle with a knot.

What is the difference between a shoelace fin holder and one on a regular shoe?

A shoelace fin holder is stretchier and wider than a normal shoelace. It is designed so that if the fin slips away, it will not strangle your bodyboard fin strap , thus breaking it.

This is also why it is not recommended to use a shoelace as a bodyboard fin holder .

What are the advantages of a cord fin holder?

Being the simplest form of fin holder , it does not bother the ankle at all and of course it is very easy to put on.