Longboard surfboards

Longboards are surfboards for experienced surfers who seek the style and sensations that this type of board offers. They are not at all suitable for beginner surfers as they require good technique. Surfers need to move back and forth on the board to control speed and make turns.

Frequently asked questions about longboards

What is a longboard?

A Longboard is a very long surfboard, generally between 8'6 and 10' long, which allows you to practice a more traditional, more relaxed style of surfing, where aesthetics are sought before radical maneuvers. Surfing was born with the longboard, with long and heavy boards, and gradually evolved towards short boards. They usually have little rocker to walk the board and catch waves easily

Where to buy a longboard?

In our longboard section you will find a wide selection of longboard surfboards . From classic longboards to modern longboards, we have many models from the best surf brands. Discover all the products we have at Mundo Surf !

How to choose a longboard?

A longboard is chosen based on the style of surfing you want to practice. To practice an old school longboard, with a relaxed, fluid style, with movements on the board, we recommend the traditional longboard, with a single fin keel. The other option is to choose a modern longboard, with a tri-fin or single fin configuration with stabilizers, in order to make tighter turns. You will find all these models in Mundo Surf .

Is a longboard surfboard recommended for initiation?

Absolutely not. Being such technical, long, flat, and thin boards, they are not recommended for initiation. Despite being big, they are not very stable and do not make it easy to get into the wave.

The best thing to start surfing is a softboard surfboard.

How to recognize a longboard?

They are the longest surfboards that exist, measuring at least 9 feet and up to 11 feet. They are easily recognizable by their large size and completely rounded nose. It is also notable that they have little rocker, meaning they are very flat. Additionally, they are very thin in thickness.