Bodyboard socks

Neoprene socks for bodyboarding are ideal for preventing irritations and friction caused by bodyboarding fins. For intensive practice, this accessory is highly recommended. You can find low and thin bodyboarding socks designed to prevent friction, as well as thicker and taller socks to protect your feet from the cold and prevent friction.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bodyboard Accessories

What types of bodyboard boots are there?

There are several types of bodyboard boots. High-top boots are usually used in winter, while low-top boots are suitable for summer or simply to protect the foot from friction caused by your bodyboard fin.

High-top boots typically have a thickness of around 3 mm, while low-top boots have a thickness ranging from 0.5 to 2 mm.

Which bodyboard boots should I use?

It depends on the purpose you have in mind. If you want to protect yourself from the cold, it is ideal to use high-top boots with a thickness of 3 mm. However, if you find that your bodyboard fin is slightly too big, causing friction or if you simply need light protection, it is best to use low-top boots with a lower thickness.