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Longboard wheels

The size, thickness, design and hardness of your wheels will determine how you are going to use your Longboard, in this section you will find all the wheels that we have available to be able to modify your longbaord to your liking.

Frequently Asked Questions about skateboard wheels longboards

What wheels should I choose for a longboard skateboard ?

Normally large and soft wheels should be chosen. They are the ones that best adapt to the type of skateboarding that is done with a longboard, such as wide turns, and walks through all kinds of streets.

Where can I buy a longboard?

At Mundo Surf we have a great selection of longboards: skateboards in all their splendor. If you already have experience, come here for the longboards ; visit our store and find everything a boarder's heart desires.

What is a longboard skateboard ?

Longboard skates are longer than normal boards. They provide a lot of speed and with a wide spin.

They can be used for walking and moving, freeride or downhill on roads and streets.