Asymmetrical bodyboard swimfins

Asymmetrical bodyboard fins are made up of two different fins, one for the right foot and one for the left foot. They are typically versatile for both prone and drop knee riding. They are the most commonly used type of bodyboard fin.

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Asymmetrical Bodyboard Fins FAQ

What is an asymmetrical bodyboard fin for?

They are used to practice bodyboarding and to have something similar to a keel to have greater control over the wave. They are also essential to row and be able to catch the wave, as well as to save you from currents. Normally this type of bodyboard swimfins is used more to go prone or lying down.

How to identify asymmetrical bodyboard fins?

Instead of the symmetrical fins, these bodyboard swimfins are different from the left fin to the right, they always have the outer part of the fin longer. Basically what they do is simulate the fin of a dolphin.

What are the advantages of asymmetrical bodyboard fins?

By having the shape of a dolphin fin, they can generate a little more power in the stroke. They also allow you to grab on the wall of the hole more easily, since the outer area of the fin is longer.