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Symmetrical bodyboard swimfins

Symmetrical bodyboard fins consist of two identical fins, each of one can be put on either the right or left foot. They are generally used for Drop knee, for bodysurfing, and for rescue. Although they are less used in bodyboarding than asymmetrical fins, they have their audience.

Symmetrical Bodyboard Fins FAQ

What are symmetrical bodyboard fins used for?

They are normally used to practice the "dropknee" modality, since they are shorter fins and make it easier to kneel on the bodyboard . Although they can also be used without problem for the "prone" or lying down mode. They are also used for bodysurfing and rescue.

How is a symmetrical bodyboard fin?

As the word itself indicates, they are identical bodyboard fins on the left and right feet, they are identical fins. Unlike asymmetric fins, they do not have a left and a right foot.