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Symmetrical bodyboard swimfins

Symmetrical bodyboard swimfins are composed of two identical swimfins that can be worn on either the left or right foot. They are commonly used for Drop knee, bodysurfing, and rescue. Although they are less commonly used in bodyboarding than asymmetrical fins, they have their own audience.

Common Questions about reversible bodyboard fins

What are symmetrical bodyboard fins used for?

They are typically used for practicing the "dropknee" stance as they are shorter fins that facilitate kneeling on the bodyboard. However, they can also be used comfortably for the prone position. They are also utilized for bodysurfing and rescue purposes.

What is the characteristic of symmetrical bodyboard fins?

As the name suggests, these are identical fins for both the left and right foot. They do not have specifically designed fins for each foot, unlike asymmetrical fins.