8 € - 24 €

Swimfins leash to the ankle

The ankle swimfin leashes attach on one side to the ankle with a padded velcro, and on the other side to the fin with a lace. They are very comfortable and will prevent you from losing your bodyboard swimfins. This is the most classic and widely used bodyboard swimfin leash system.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bodyboard Fin Holder

What is an ankle bodyboard fin clip ?

It is a bodyboard swimfins leash model, which, as its name suggests, is attached to the ankle by velcro, and it is attached to your bodyboard fins by a small rope.

What is an ankle bodyboard fin holder used for ?

Like any bodyboard swimfins leash, its purpose is not to lose your fins during your surfing session, with the falls and tumbles that you could suffer.