Padded bodyboard covers

Padded bodyboard bags are perfect for protecting your bodyboard, and being able to comfortably transport your bodyboard swimfins, bodyboard leash, wetsuit, and even clothes. They exist with capacity for 2, 3 or 4 boards, with or without wheels. They are the covers you need if you are going to travel with all your bodyboard equipment. The smaller ones are also ideal for daily use, providing extra protection that unpadded bodyboard covers do not provide.

Frequently Asked Questions about Padded Bodyboard Bags

What sets a padded bodyboard bag apart from others?

Padded bodyboard bags have a foam padding ranging from 5 to 10 mm, which distinguishes them aesthetically from non-padded bodyboard bags. They provide additional protection to your bodyboard against impacts.

What can I use my padded bodyboard bag for?

With their foam padding of approximately 5 to 10 mm, these bags are ideal for safely traveling with your bodyboards around the world. They significantly reduce the risks of damage during various types of transportation, such as air travel, boat trips, train journeys, car rides, etc.