Car accessories

Surfing without a car can be very difficult, unless you are lucky enough to live around a surf spot! The best accessories to transport your board while protecting your car are available here. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Car Accessories

Is it safe to transport the surfboard on the roof of the car? ?

Yes, as long as you use a quality board rack that you find here , and you assemble it correctly, you won't have any problems. You just have to make sure that you tie your surfboards well, with the nose facing up, and the fins facing forward, facing down. In this way, you will not damage the edges of your surfboard with the straps , maintaining an aerodynamic shape.

It is also highly recommended to use a surf bag to protect the surfboard from the pressure of the webbing. We explain in detail in our blog how to transport a surfboard in the car.

Are the padlocks to keep your car key safe ?

Yes, surf padlocks are very resistant metal boxes, with a numeric password lock, and some include an inhibiting bag so that the car key cannot be hacked.