5 € - 15 €

Surfskate griptape

The grip tape on your surfskate is an important component as it provides the necessary traction between you and the board. Over time, this product wears out, but don't worry, you will find all the grip tape you need for your surfskate here

Frequently Asked Questions about Surfskate Griptape

How to clean surfskate grip?

Using a slightly damp, hard-bristle brush, we can remove excess dirt from the grip. Gradually, we will remove any remaining dirt by rinsing the brush with clear water (avoiding over-wetting the board). Finally, with a dry cloth, we will dry the grip until any water and soap residue is removed, and then let our surfskate dry in the sun for a few hours.

How to paint surfskate grip?

You can paint your surfskate grip using special markers or any acrylic spray paint. Let your creativity flow if you're a true artist, or replicate an existing design if you prefer.

Where to buy skateboard grip?

At Mundo Surf, you can buy various types of surfskate grip to renovate your old board and give it a fresh look, or to customize your skateboard according to your preferences. We offer a variety of designs, styles, and formats so you can find the one that perfectly matches your tastes and get the skateboard of your dreams!