Surfboard wax

Surfboard wax is essential for all surfers. It must be applied on your surfboard for you to not slip. Choose your wax according to water temperature and always apply wax base first to increase the grip of regular wax. If you have any doubt, have a look at our tutorial about how to wax a surfboard.

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Frequently asked questions about paraffins and waxes

How should wax be applied to your new surfboard ?

Whenever you buy a surfboard , or after cleaning your surfboard (link to blog how to remove wax) you should apply a first coat of base surf paraffin. It is a hard paraffin to apply, which serves as the first layer so that the rest of the layers hold well. After this, a second layer of paraffin must be applied, with a hardness according to the water temperature.

How to choose my wax for surfing ?

We must check the temperature of the water in which we surf, and choose the paraffin of the same temperature or closer.

What wax should I use for a bodyboard ?

We recommend using softer paraffin than for a surfboard, so that it offers the best possible grip. In other words, try to catch below the temperature that we surf.

Paraffin that looks as sticky as possible is also good.