Skateboard wheels

Here you will find a wide range of skateboard wheels. We have the best brands of skateboard wheels, in various diameters and hardness levels, so you can customize your skateboard as you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skateboard Wheels

What are the best skateboard wheels?

The size, thickness, and weight of skateboard wheels make a difference in the way you skate. If you are a skateboarder who primarily rides in skateparks, we recommend smaller and harder wheels. However, if you prefer street skating or a mix of different terrains, we suggest more versatile wheels that are slightly softer and larger.

How do I clean skateboard wheels?

To clean your skateboard wheels, follow these simple steps. First, remove the wheels using a screwdriver or a T-tool and carefully take out the bearings. Dip them in a mixture of water and alcohol, then dry them and lubricate them with specific products. Once ready, you can put the bearings and wheels back in place.

What is the skateboard with two wheels called?

The skateboard with two wheels is called a Waveboard. It is considered the perfect fusion of skateboarding, surfing, and snowboarding. It's the best choice for skateboard enthusiasts who want to try new experiences!

How to differentiate the hardness of a skateboard wheel?

Hardness is measured on a scale of numbers and letters to determine the hardness of the materials. For skateboard wheels, the letter A is used on the scale, with numbers ranging from approximately 78 to 100. Lower numbers indicate softer wheels, while higher numbers indicate harder wheels.

It's important to know that some wheels are identified with the letter B (20 points lower on the A scale). Therefore, a 100A wheel is equivalent to an 80B wheel.

What types of skateboard wheels are there?

Based on their shape, there are straight-edged skateboard wheels and beveled-edge wheels.

Straight-edged wheels provide maximum grip on the ground, making them ideal for technical skateboarding. On the other hand, beveled-edge wheels with rounded edges are designed for riders who enjoy skating ramps and performing sliding tricks.