You will find here a wide selection of skimboard boards, from wooden skimboards for initiation, to wooden and fiberglass skimboards, or epoxy skimboards for advanced riders. We also have the accessories for skimboard, such as cases and pads.

Skimboarding FAQ

How to use a skimboard?

To use your skimboard, it is best to choose a place and a time when there is a thin layer of water on top of the sand. Although you can also use it to slide on the sand, to do so, throw your board just when the sea absorbs the wave back. If you still have doubts, at Mundo Surf we can help you and advise you on how to use your board.

How to use a Skimboard board?

If you want a new skimboard, first you have to be clear about 3 aspects: your weight, your height and the ease you have when doing it. If you are going to start in this sport, we recommend the wooden boards. If you are already an expert, the ideal ones for you are the epoxy ones. If you also want to complement your purchase and acquire accessories to practice skimboarding in a more comfortable way, at Mundo Surf you will find a wide catalog of accessories for bodyboarding such as covers and pads.