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Surfboard Resin

The resin is used to impregnate the fiberglass, providing rigidity and mechanical strength. The polyester resins we offer are specially formulated for the surf industry to ensure good UV stability and achieve a perfectly white surfboard. Polyester resins are the most commonly used in the surf industry due to their good cost-to-mechanical strength ratio and ease of use. Epoxy resins are reserved for high-end boards, offering superior mechanical properties but at a higher cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about Polyester Resin

What resin is used for surfboards?

In the surfboard industry, polyester resin and epoxy resin are used. These resins serve to give strength and rigidity to the fiberglass that are placed on the soul of the table. In addition, these resins are also very useful for fixing damage and bumps on the board. Absolutely necessary in the world of surfing !

How to apply polyester resin?

The polyester resin must be mixed in a bottle with a catalyst (1-3%) and then applied to the area to be treated with a squeegee (plastic spatula) or a brush, and gloves. It is the perfect mix to provide rigidity and hardness to different products, such as surfboards , for example.

What is the difference between epoxy and polyester resin?

The main difference between polyester resin and epoxy resin is that epoxy provides more resistance. It is also more expensive, slower to catalyze, but it can be applied to both polyurethane and polystyrene foam. Both are capable of withstanding contact with water, which is why they are used to make surfboards .

Where to buy polyester resin?

At Mundo-Surf , as a specialized surf shop , we offer you various types of polyester resins so that you can manufacture and repair your surfboards independently. We have the best prices and qualities. Buying your polyester resin at the best price is possible in our online store!