Bodyboard accessories

You will find here the best Bodyboard accessories: repair products, GoPro attachment system, stringer, or leash plug.

Frequently asked questions about bodyboard accessories

How can I repair my bodyboard?

You can repair any blow or material detached from your bodyboard With Spongerez , it's very simple and your bodyboard will be like new. If you don't know how to apply it, we explain here how to repair your bodyboard .

What is the ISS system of a bodyboard?

The ISS stringer is an interchangeable stringer system consisting of a carbon and/or fiberglass bar, with different hardnesses. It is used to place it inside the bodyboard boards that are compatible with this system and thus be able to give it the desired rigidity at any time and place.

There are soft, medium, hard and very hard.

How is the ISS system used?

It is used by changing the internal stringer of your bodyboard board. Opening the plug located in the tail of your board and unscrewing it. Depending on the type of wave and water temperature, a softer or harder stringer will be used depending on the conditions in which we want a harder or softer board for greater flex.