Wirst bodyboard leash

Wrist bodyboard leashes attach on one side to your wrist, and on the other side to your bodyboard. They allow you to always be connected to your board, so you don't lose it when you hit a wave. They are less expensive than bicep bodyboard leashes. They are more commonly used by beginners, although some experienced bodyboarders prefer them to bicep leashes.

Wrist Bodyboard Leash FAQ

What are the advantages of a wrist bodyboard leash ?

This type of bodyboard leash is usually easier to strap on, as it goes directly to the wrist. It is also more accessible when it comes to rescuing your bodyboard of a romp pulling from the hand.

When to use a wrist bodyboard leash?

Where it is most used is in initiation since it is easier to place and it is more natural to wear. It is also used for dropknee, as getting on your knees and pulling up on the Leash makes it easier for you to stabilize your bodyboard.