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Skin care

You will find here a selection of the best skin care products. The surfer's skin suffers a lot from prolonged exposure to the sun, salt water, cold, extreme heat, and prolonged efforts. That is why it is important to take care of yourself with products specially designed for the needs of surfers.

Frequently asked questions about skin care

How to take care of the skin in summer?

If you surf in the summer, your skin suffers a lot from the sun and the salt water. We recommend combining sun creams specifically designed for surfing, along with moisturizing creams for the night.

How to take care of my skin from the sun?

When you surf, it is essential to protect your face from the sun with surf sun creams. They are sun creams or sticks designed to last a long time, so you can surf for 4 hours without stopping without getting the product in your eyes. If you are lucky enough to be able to surf in a swimsuit, we recommend protecting your back and shoulders either with sunscreen, or with good lycra or UV shirts. In Mundo Surf you will find different accessories and products focused on caring for your skin so that you can practice this sport without risk.

How to care for sunburned skin?

If your skin is burned from so many hours of surfing, we recommend the use of moisturizing creams or repairing creams on the face, and moisturizing oil on the rest of the body. This at night, during the day if you want to continue surfing, from Mundo Surf we recommend the use of sun stick, which offer maximum protection and durability in the water, together with lycra and UV shirts if you are lucky enough to be able to surf in a swimsuit.