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We have a wide range of skateboard bearings. From ABEC 3 to ABEC 7, through ceramic bearings, so you can configure your skateboard as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skate Bearings

What bearings are best for skateboarding?

Skateboard bearings are classified by ABEC. In skateboarding it is usually used from ABEC3 to ABEC 9 (the top quality), the most common being ABEC5. The higher the ABEC number, the better. You will have more efficient bearings.

How to remove skate bearings?

To remove the bearings from the skateboard and clean them or replace them with others, we will have to start by unscrewing and removing the wheels . Once this is done, with the help of pliers (and be very careful) we can remove the bearings from the axles . You can also remove them by prying with the same axis, where the bearings and wheels are inserted, but always carefully!

How to clean skateboard bearings?

The first thing will be to remove the wheels from the skateboard to remove the bearings . We take out one of the bearing protections and bathe it in solvent. We take them out and leave them upside down to drain well, then we dry them with gauze and apply a little specific lubricant. We put the cover back on and that's it!