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Bodyboard sock covers

Sock-style bodyboard covers are perfect for protecting your bodyboard from the sun. They are very lightweight and stretchy covers that fit perfectly to the shape of your board. They can be used on their own or in addition to a padded bodyboard cover.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bodyboard Covers

What does a sock-style bodyboard cover look like?

As the name suggests, a sock-style bodyboard cover is an elastic cover in the shape of a sock that conforms to the shape of your bodyboard board to cover and protect it. They typically have a closure at the tail with a cord to ensure a secure fastening. This is the lightest and most economical option for bodyboard covers.

What is the purpose of a sock-style bodyboard cover?

Sock-style bodyboard covers are generally used for daily use, such as going to the beach or for short car trips. They protect your bodyboard from the sun between surf sessions. They are also very convenient for keeping your car clean.