Bodyboard Swimfins leash

The fin tethers prevent you from losing your bodyboard fins. They connect your ankles to the fins, and in the event of a big wipeout, the fin can come off your foot and you may risk losing it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bodyboard Fin Holder

What are bodyboard fin clips?

As their name indicates, they are accessories to hold the bodyboard fins in case a wave or current takes them from our feet. They are highly recommended for bodyboarding as they can save you from losing a fin in the middle of a perfect wave session.

How are fin clips used?

Bodyboard swimfins leash are used by tying the fin clip to your ankle and the other end to the fin so you don't lose them if they come off your foot.

What kind of fin holders are there?

There are several types of bodyboard swimfins leash . In fastening to the ankle by a velcro and a rope, fastening by a rope at both ends, and through a velcro with neoprene protection to the fin strip and a cinch to the ankle. There is no better model than the other, it is simply going to be used according to the taste of each one with what they feel more comfortable with.