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Fin Plugs

Fin plugs allow you to fix and remove fins from your surfboard. Fin plugs are common tools although it was a big change when FCS launched it in 1994. The original model FCS X2 is still the most popular but many alternatives from other brands are now available. 

Frequently asked questions about Plug and boxes

What are the boxes?

The boxes are plastic plugs that are inserted into the surfboard , and that allow mounting and dismounting the fins . There are several systems on the market. The main surf box systems are Dual Tab (or FCS type), Single Tab (or Futures type), click tab (or FCSII type) and US box for longboards .

Do the FCSII boxes need screws to anchor the keel ?

In theory the FCSII boxes they do not need any screws to lock the keel inside the plug. However, in practice, many people use an FCS type screw to avoid losing the keel with a small bump.

Do I need sandpaper when I buy a shape kit or a repair kit ?

Yes, definitely. the sandpaper They are basic to be able to sand both a pre-shape and a repair. They allow to remove the imperfections, and allow to sand the final layer of resin .