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Surfskate wheels

In this category, you will find all the wheels you need to match with your surfskate and perform various maneuvers. You will find wheels of different diameters and hardness levels to make the most out of your surfskate.

Frequently Asked Questions about Surfskate Wheels

What wheels should I use on a surfskate?

Wheels are a crucial choice. The recommended wheels for a surfskate are wide, ranging from 65mm to 75mm, as they provide the best adaptation to different types of terrain for surfing.

If you prefer smaller wheels, around 65mm, they are suitable for smooth surfaces such as bowls, skateparks, or pumptracks.

We also recommend using softer wheels compared to traditional skateboards, as they better accommodate imperfections in the ground.

What types of wheels are available for a surfskate?

Surfskate wheels can be categorized as follows:

  • Based on size: Surfskate wheels typically range from approximately 65mm to 75mm.
  • Based on hardness: They usually have a softer durometer, around 78A. However, harder durometers can be used for other surfaces.
  • Based on shape: There are smooth wheels ideal for speed and slides, as well as beveled wheels that provide better grip on the ground.

What is the difference in hardness between skateboard wheels?

Hardness is measured on a scale of letters and numbers to determine the hardness of the material. For skateboard wheels, the letter A is used on the scale, with numbers ranging from approximately 78 to 100. Lower numbers indicate softer wheels, while higher numbers indicate harder wheels.

Note that some wheels may be identified with the letter B (20 points lower on the A scale). Therefore, a 100A wheel is equivalent to an 80B wheel.