12 € - 18 €

Heel Pad

The heel pad are placed on the back tab of the swimfin. They are made of padded neoprene that wraps around the back strap of your bodyboard swimfin, and a strap that connects the swimfin to the instep. In addition to holding the swimfin in place, they also prevent rubbing that swimfins can cause. They are also very useful if your swimfins are a little too big for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Heel Bodyboard Fin Holders

How is a heel fin holder?

It is the greatest novelty in bodyboard swimfins leash , and consists of a neoprene strap that wraps around the strap of your bodyboard swimfins to hold it to the instep of the foot with a strap.

Is the heel fin holder a good grip system?

It is the most different system to the other two, since you do not wear anything tied to the ankle, but everything goes to the instep. It improves the support of the bodyboard swimfins itself since it makes it tighter due to the neoprene cover.