Wetsuit booties

Wetsuit booties protect your feet from both rocks and cold. There are available in various thicknesses and sizes. We recommend choosing your booties according to the kind of protection you are looking for.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Escarpines

What are booties?

Slippers, also known as chapines, are lightweight water shoes. They are usually made of neoprene and are used mostly in water sports such as surfing and bodyboarding . We can find them in low and high version, and with different thicknesses.

What are booties for?

Neoprene booties have two main functions: protect feet from scratches, and protect them from the cold. It is common to wear them in an aquatic environment to be able to walk on the rocks in complete safety and to counteract the low temperatures of the water. We can choose between different thicknesses.

How to choose surf booties?

The booties is one of the accessories that we are going to need for surfing . The first thing to keep in mind when buying them is the size. Each brand will have a different size, so we have to pay attention to it when buying. It is important that we do not get too big, as they would fill with water. They must be smaller than your foot, to stretch and remain completely attached to the foot. The second thing to look at is its thickness. The 2 mm or 3 mm ones are usually used in winter in Europe, and the 5 mm ones for the colder months. Low booties are thinner, between 0.5 and 1.5mm thick, offer greater freedom of movement, are used mainly to protect the feet when we suffer in waves of stones or reefs.

Where to buy booties?

You can find the booties in the Mundo-Surf online store at the best price. We have them available in different sizes and thicknesses, tall or short, with separate fingers or all together. We offer slippers from the best brands: Billabong , O'Neill , Quicksilver , Rip Curl , Roxy , Vissla and much more.