In this category, you will find a comprehensive selection of essential items for the world of skateboarding: pre-assembled boards, skateboard trucks, bearings, wheels, grip tape, protective gear, and all the accessories you need for your skateboard. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Complete Skateboards

What skateboard to buy to start?

From Mundo Surf we recommend you buy a complete skateboard, already assembled, with trucks , wheels and bearings . In this way, you ensure that the choice of components is consistent.

How to place your feet on the skateboard?

The best way to safely place your feet on a skateboard is in a safety position. You should place the feet more or less on top of the axle screws . Next, place your front foot about 30º positive and the rear foot more or less at 0º. This way you have your feet well positioned for turning, and it's comfortable on your body and knees. Also, this way you can react quickly if you need to move your feet quickly for any reason.

What is skateboarding?

Skate or skateboard is a sport that is practiced with a board that slides on 4 wheels . It is practiced on various surfaces, closely linked to the urban environment. The practitioners of this sport use multiple tricks to lift the board off the ground to create the most original movements. It is a booming sport, so much so that it has become Olympic.

Where to buy skateboard?

At Mundo-Surf , in addition to being a specialized surf shop, we are experts in skateboarding. That is why we put at your disposal all kinds of skateboards and all the accessories such as wheels , axles , bearings or anything you need to repair your board. We have the best prices and qualities. Buying your skateboard at the best price is possible in our online store!

How to ride a skateboard?

If you are a passionate and experienced skateboarder, you probably want to assemble your own skateboard completely to your liking and style. For this reason, at Mundo Surf we put at your disposal all the necessary elements: board , axles , wheels , bearings , screws, etc. Choose yours and ride your own skateboard!