Biceps bodyboard leash

The biceps bodyboard leashes are attached to the arm, they allow you to connect to your bodyboard while leaving you excellent freedom of movement to be able to paddle. This is the type of bodyboard leash most used by expert bodyboarders.

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Biceps Bodyboard Leash FAQ

Is it better to use a biceps bodyboard leash ?

This depends on the taste of each one, but it is true that when it comes to going on your bodyboard it is more comfortable. The leash doesn't move so much, it doesn't get in the way when paddling, and it gives you more freedom of movement.

What is a biceps bodyboard leash like ?

This type of leash is very similar to a wrist bodyboard leash , with the big difference that the velcro attachment is larger for the arm, and many of them have a double security closure so that it does not slip away easily.