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Suncreams available here are specially recommanded for surfing. They resist to water and last much longer than classic ones.

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Frequently asked questions about sun cream

What does the sun cream number indicate?

The numbers of the sun cream indicate the SPF or photoprotection scale of the product. Contrary to what is commonly thought, the numbers 15, 20, 30, 50 indicate the time that you can stay with the protector in the sun and not the degrees from which the cream protects. If you have doubts about which SPF to choose for you or which SPF is best for practicing sports such as surfing or body boarding , at Mundo surf you can ask us without obligation.

How to remove sunscreen stain from swimsuit?

If you have just bought your swimsuit and you have already stained it with cream, you can remove these stains in a very simple way. Following these steps, you will leave it spotless: First, moisten it and apply a little baking soda. Rub very gently with a cloth and leave the product to act for 30 minutes. Then, put it in the washing machine as usual.

What kind of sun cream is best?

There is no best sun cream, but it depends on your skin type. If your skin is tanned, it is best to use a cream with at least SPF 15. If your skin is fair, you should choose one starting at SPF 30. If, in addition, your skin is sensitive or you have freckles, it is best to use one from SPF 50. If you have any doubts, at Mundo Surf you can ask us and we will guide you on which sunscreen is the best for you.