How to choose a surf leash

The leash, or surf invention, is a very important element of your equipment. It is a safety element that keeps you always tied to your board. It is important that you choose a surf leash that is appropriate for the use that you will make of it, and that is why we are going to explain to you the criteria to follow when choosing your surf leash.

1. The length of the leash

As a general rule, you should choose a leash that is about the same length as your surfboard. This way, when you fall, you avoid having the board come back toward you and thus reduce the risk of crashing against it.

However, in small waves, it’s not a problem if the leash is a little shorter than your board, which means a lighter and less bothersome leash.

On the other hand, in big waves, it’s better to have a leash that is slightly longer than your board. Here, the falls are more violent and it’s better to have a certain margin of safety. Also, by being longer, the leash stretches more and is more robust.

2. The diameter of the leash

The diameter of the leashes can vary from 5.5 to 8 mm. Said like that, there doesn’t seem to be much difference but if you hold a 5.5 mm leash and a 7 mm leash in your hand, you will see that the difference is huge.

With a surf leash of smaller diameter, called « comp », you have a lighter leash, which creates less resistance in the water which leads to better performance in the end, and that is why companies have called them « comp ». Obviously, these leashes are also more fragile. But for smaller waves, which are not going to exert much pressure on the leash, they work very well. Leashes of 6 mm or less are considered to be surf comp leashes.

7 mm tends to be the standard diameter for a surf leash, the best ratio between robustness and resistance to the water. Leashes bigger than 7 mm in diameter are designed to achieve maximum resistance; they are used in large waves or for heavy boards such as longboards or SUP boards.

3. Swivels

The swivels prevent the leash from coiling, either around your leg or around the tail of the surfboard or around your keels, which is quite bothersome. Leashes have at least one swivel, but two swivels are best to prevent this type of problem.

4. Finishing and manufacturing quality

If, after making an initial selection you are still undecided between several models, look at the finishing on the leash, the manufacturing quality, the brand’s reputation, the design and the colors.

Obviously, each brand tries to show that its leash is the most robust and lightest leash on the market; there are however, great differences in price between the cheapest and the most expensive models. We make an initial selection for you, all the leashes that you will find in the store are of high quality, good and robust. We have so many models, brands and colors in stock that you are almost sure to find one that fits your needs and that is to your liking.

Use the filters to be able to arrive easily at the type of leash that you need. If you do not find the model or the color that you want, just ask us and we will do everything possible to get it for you.

Here’s an homemade video, we show you the whole process step by step. If it´s usefull for you, please like and Share ! 

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