How to choose the size of your surfboard

The choice of the size of your surfboard is not an easy exercise, as it depends on many parameters: your height, weight, age, physical condition and the type of waves you will surf with this board.
Surfboards´s sizes come in feet and inches. One foot is composed by 12 inches, and one inch corresponds to 2.54 cm.

– The length:

The length is the distance from the nose to the tail. The longer a surfboard is, the easier the paddling is.
In large waves, we use longer surfboards, to take off earlier on the wave, and to have a better control of the board.
In small wave, we use shorter surfboards, shortboard or fish, to get more maneuverability.

Except for beginners, as they need longer boards including in small waves, Minimalibu or evolutive between 6’4 “and 8 ‘, to facilitate the paddle and take off.

elegir las medidas de tu tabla de surf

Big wave gun signed Al Merrick

– The width:

The width of a surfboard is measured at the widest point of the board, from rail to rail.

A wide surfboard is more stable, easier to ride, but will get less speed and maneuverability than a narrower board.

Wide surfboards are perfect for beginners, but also for experienced surfers on poor quality waves.
Surfboard with range from 20-22 “for beginners or for small wave’s hybrid surfboards, and between 17″ and 20 ” for conventional shortboards and experienced surfers.

tabla de surf nsp hybrid

The NSP hybrid, a wide and short surfboard for small waves and intermediate surfers

– The thickness:

The thickness of a surfboard is measured between the upper deck and the bottom, at the thickest point of the board.
The thickness of a surfboard influences the overall performance. The thickness and the thickness distribution along the surfboard greatly affect the buoyancy of the board. The thicker point of a surfboard is usually located in the middle of the board, and decreases as we move through the tail and nose.

Beginners will need thicker boards, minimum 2 3/4 ” to 3″ to have an easy paddling surfboard, while experienced surfers will get boards between 2 ” and 2 5/8 ” to get control and maneuverability.

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