How to choose your Bodyboard cover

In this article we are going to explain how to choose a good bodyboard cover.

It is not a luxury to have a good bodyboard cover to protect your bodyboard as they are sensitive to shocks and temperature variations. In addition to allowing you to comfortably transport your bodyboard, fins and other accessories, it is absolutely essential to protect your bodyboard from the sun, heat and shocks, using a sock cover or polyester cover. Simple, double triple, for the daily or to go around the world, we have a wide selection of bodyboard covers that we explain here.



Daily use bodyboard covers: They are simple and somewhat more basic covers for daily transport and protection on your way to the beach. They exist in a sock and backpack type with a zipper and are usually with capacity for one or two bodyboards.

  • Sock-like bodyboard cover: These are covers for daily use, such as the Thrash cover or the Creatures stretch sox cover, the most basic that exist. They are, as their name indicates, like a sock to protect the bodyboard from the sun, so as not to stain the car during transport and protect it from blows from daily use, although it is not the type of cover that protects the most, it is a very common option among riders.


  • Backpack type bodyboard cover: They are also for daily use but have more capacity to carry things more comfortably. There are them to carry a board or two. Besides, they usually carry a pocket with a drainage grid for accessories, fins, booties … etc.


They are in the form of a backpack to be able to carry it on the back comfortably. They have a bit more protection since these bodyboard covers tend to be thicker and some are even padded. There are options in which they bring an external handle to hang it from the shoulder.




Travel Bodyboard Cases: The Travel Bodyboard Case is excellent for transporting your bodyboards, bodyboard fins, gear and accessories to all your future surf destinations with the best possible protection. There are several capacities depending on the trip you plan to make, and we can find them without wheels, which are usually 2-3 bodyboards, and with wheels that are the largest that you can carry up to 4 bodyboards.


  • Travel bodyboard cover without wheels: They are covers with a protective thickness of between 8-10mm for greater safety in transfers. They usually have a pocket for the bodyboards and one or two smaller external ones to store fins, booties or any accessory you need. There are usually models with capacity for 1-2 bodyboards even up to 3.



  • Travel bodyboard cover with wheels: These are the most sophisticated bodyboard covers and the ones that most protect the boards on trips. They are about 10mm thick and have enough reinforcements for the bumps that may be in the trip. Thanks to the built-in wheels, they are the most comfortable for moving around airports and on the way to your destination, as well as not having to carry the weight! Like the rest of the covers, they also have two or three pockets to store the rest of your luggage and bodyboard accessories such as fins, leash, booties and more. Such as the Pride wheel or NMD wheel bag cover.






On our website you have all the types of covers you may need, for any occasion. You can enter and filter by its capacity, brand and price as it suits you best.

We are glad if this article has been helpful for you to choose your bodyboard cover, if not, here below you have a video where Ignacio explains them to you with moving images and in full color.



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