How to choose your bodyboard fin´s

Bodyboard fins are indispensable, and their choice is almost as important as the board.

The selection criteria’s should be: shape, rigidity, comfort and of course the size.

The shape:

There are many different designs in the market, but actually it does not have much impact on the fins. For riders who surf in Prone, form matters little. However, for those who practice in Drop Knee it´s preferable to choose fins that are not too long, not too wide nor too flexible.


Flexible fins generate a good propulsion, are fast and convenient, but the start is slow. On the contrary, rigid fins give you a great acceleration, ideal for quick take off. They are more demanding for legs, less comfortable, but ideal for experienced riders looking for high performance bodyboard fins.


The comfort of the fin mainly depends on the flexibility of the rubber used around the feet, and the ergonomy of the foot pocket.


It´s essential to choose the right size, your should be well maintained, but with no pain! If you are between two sizes, you can use neoprene socks, or the Pride Fin Pad.

Sizes vary according to the brand, but in general they are more or less like that:

– S: 38 to 39.5

– M: 40.5-42

– ML: 42-43

– L: 43-45

– XL: 45-47

Which model?

At we have selected for you the following models:

– Orca and Option, for value, money and comfort. They are ideal for beginners or riders  looking for a flexible and confortable fin.

– Stealth, high performance fins used by the best riders like Pierre Louis Coste (2011 world champion), Joe Clarke, Jake Stone, Dave Winchester, or Ben Player. Each rider has a pro model, but the fins are identical, the color is the only difference. Perfect fins for riders looking for maximum reactivity.

– Churchill Makapuu, the first bodyboard fins, designed in 1936 but still a reference.

– Viper, fins used by the US lifeguards, very rigid and powerful.

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