How to choose your bodyboard leash

You must use a Bodyboard leash, if you don´t want to constantly run behind your board!

You can choose between two kind of bodyboard leash: wrist or biceps.

The wrist leash is more natural for most people, perhaps because we are used to wear watches or straps on our wrists. It’s easy to take your board after a wipe out.

leash bodyboard creatures mundo surf

Creatures Wrist Leash

However, they can bother when you’re surfing drop knee or when you are paddling.

And that’s the main advantage of bicep leash, they will not bother you when paddling or surfing, will not hanging in the water, but you need some time to get used to them.

 leash sniper biceps bodyboard

Sniper Biceps Leash

Doble swivel leash will give you a better confort, as they avoid knots.

It´s also highly recommended to use a leash or fin savers for your bodyboard swimfins, to avoid loosing them.

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