How to choose your surfboard: the bottom

The shape of the bottom is a parameter to consider when choosing your surfboard, since it greatly influences overall performance.

We will have a look here at the main types of bottom and its main features:

– Flat Bottom:

Flat bottom from nose to tail, it generates speed, but the board may be more difficult to control in large and powerful waves.
It´s normally used for small waves surfboards, waves with low power, where you need a lot of speed.

bottom tabla de surf

– Concave:

The concave prevents water from being evacuated by the side of the board, creating a venturi effect which generates speed.

The concave is used in almost all longboard, in the area of the nose, to give control when riding on the nose of the board.

On shortboards, concave usually comes with an increased rocker, to maintain good maneuverability.los distintos tipos de bottom para una tabla de surf

– Double concave:

The double concave is the most common type of bottom in modern shortboards. Boards usually have a light concave from the tip, which become a double concave from the middle to the tail of the board, the double concave increases as we approach the fins.

Concave makes the board starting earlier on the wave, and double concave divides the water flow, providing more reactivity and fluidity to your surfboard.

bottom doble concavo tabla de surf

– V:

The V generates two flat surfaces on each side of the board, it´s easy to pass from rail to rail, making the surfboard faster in the turns and easier to change direction.

The V is slower in straight line, that´s why it usually comes with double concave.

The perfect bottom?

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