How to plug a bodyboard leash

Plugging a bodyboard leash is a scarry operation for many bodyboarders, despite being a fast, simple, and safe operation, as long as you respect some basic rules:

– Choose the right place for your leash

Although there is no standard distance, 15-20 cm from nose is a good spot.
If your bodyboard have no stringer or a double stringer, you can plug the leash in the middle of the board. If the board has a single stinger, you should put the leash on one side, to avoid damaging the stinger. You can also place it in the middle, but close enough from the nose to avoid hurting the stringer.

If you’re going to put the leash on one side, and if you practice Drop knee, put the leash on the right if you are regular (left foot forward) and left if you are goofy.

Mark the position of the plug on the slick, the side which is in contact with water.

– Make the hole from the slick to the deck

This avoids any risk of delamination

– Use a hot screwdriver to make hot hole

You can heat the screwdriver with a lighter or a candle.

– Tightly screw the plug

Use a coin to tightly screw the plug of the leash.

And as a video worth more than 1,000 words, we show you in this homemade video how to proceed, step by step. Please, hit “Like” on YouTube, and share this tutorial on social networks: Facebook, tweeter and google +. We will appreciate it and it would be very helpful for us!

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